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Writing is my Escape

3 years, 6 months ago . .


“Do you write?” I’ve been asked, innumerable number of times and all I’d say is “I don’t really know”. It’s true, I don’t know because nobody has ever read a piece of my writing. Was I not confident to let anyone read? I guess so, I never had the courage to show my writings to the world. I wrote only to get the burden off of mind. My words were a medium for me to vent out my anger or my rebellious thoughts. Then one day, I happened to read an article that said write for the world because there may be several hundred out there going through the very same phase in life, just like you. Sometimes, it’s good to know you are not alone in the journey.
Man up and write for the world.. Just like I did. My first piece of writing…. For people who are reluctant to show to the world their life in words. WRITE.

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