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Man is unique; for he has imagination. It’s the mind’s eye, that portrays his thoughts on the bigger canvas. But, where is the source of this talent? What drives the third eye? Its ‘Inspiration’. Have you been inspired? Have you been enthralled? Have you been driven by something, so much, that you captured those moments of inspiration, to indulge in those moments of experience? Our artist here is inspired. He travels along the Kunlun mountain range, and through the valleys of Leh Ladakh. He is mesmerised, and taken by the sheer beauty of this small state. With the culture and traditions strongly connected to that of Tibet, Leh Ladakh speaks it’s story through the hues of these watercolour illustrations. You find yourself visiting the experience, and your mind travels, from sights, places to people and attires. His paintings speak and your eyes soak in the tales and the legacy of Leh Ladakh. His brush turns bright and soft, leaves it plain and detailed, and you listen to it, as it speaks and tours from different objects of focus, leaving you with a train of thoughts. We experience Leh Ladakh, we accompany him, and his moments of inspiration. fd3ffa17436839562b9e996d7be-574dcb1277f67__605 e89a6817436839562b9fe26fa5b-574dcb0d76768__605 b1125217436839562b9e990156d-574dcdc4ae82d__605 27108117436839562b9f36c9bca-574dcafa1286f__605 7169cb17436839562b9fe2a914c-574dce3b5dfce__605 3187b717436839562b9fe29ae01-574dcaf4929c5__605 97c0b217436839562ba06834265-574dcaf16d59b__605 7bb9a117436839562b9e9934ccb-574dce79ca55f__605 6e6ced17436839562b9f5d3d628-574dcaed3bb1a__605 4fbb7d17436839562b9f36ccd27-574dcae8c60c9__605 1ccdff17436839562b9f512c6a0-574dcae44e6a6__605