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Art speaks a universal language. It breaks all barriers and touches you in a way like never before. One such form of art that screams out loud without really making a sound, is Graffiti art.

Graffiti’s are generally writings or drawings found on walls and they can range from a few words to elaborate paintings or sketches.This vibrant form of expression is considered illicit in many places as it is used to present views on political and social issues. But we consider it as a form of expression!

The weapons of new age graffiti include spray cans and markers.”New Age” because graffiti is an ancient art form that has evolved and become the colorful impression the aerosol sprays create today.  Surprising isn’t it? Yes. Graffiti has been around since time immemorial.

The first form of modern graffiti can be found in the ancient Greek city called Ephesus (Present day Turkey). The symbolism is that of a heart or a palm, a footprint  and a number. The folklore has it  that these images depict prostitution or a brothel near by. You can find ancient forms of graffiti in the ruins of the ancient roman empire, Saudi Arabia and even Egypt.

These ancient forms of historical depiction carved onto walls and on age old surfaces generally symbolize political inclinations, love declarations, lovers lament and in Pompeii you will be surprised to find latin curses and magic spells too.

Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, has inscriptions and graffitis that date back to the period between the 6th to the 18th century. Yes! That old. If you ever travel to these places, you maybe able to find over 1800 graffiti impressions etched on the walls.

With the dawn rock n roll during the 1960’s, a fan in London took to the walls to spray paint the phrase “Clapton is God” in reference to the guitarist Eric Clapton. This saw the advent of aerosol spray cans! During the late 1970’s, the world saw the rise of hip hop culture. It is said that hip hop culture has had a massive impact on Graffiti works around the world.

Even to this day, these colorful pieces of art has found their space on subways, latrine walls, underside of bridges letting the viewer catch a glimpse of the creator’s mind. You can call them rebels or criminals. But for art lovers they are and will be artists!