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Do you love photography? Pointless question! All of us alike, capture at least one selfie every day. Smartphones are turning us into Selfie nerds. Let’s not be narcissists and mind you there is life in each shot! Photography is a limited edition art form that has been evolving over the years. It is not just the ready, steady, smile thing that we have, It extends beyond the four walls of the studio. Though, realistic photography has been very much here it is not until recently that we have been exploring it. Thanks to Social Media! The power of photography explored! Do you remember, the photograph of a Syrian girl raising her hands in fear mistaking the camera to be a gun? it created such an impact! The eeriness in her eyes is very much alive in our hearts! Friends, photography is not about chasing the paths of our predecessors, but about exploring new, fresh art that no one ever dared!


Do you fancy peanuts?

Well, we give you some company here, as these wild animals go crazy, posing for photographs, in return for peanuts! Amazed? Well, take it from 21-year-old Finnish photographer Konsta Punkka, as he clicks close up shots of these animals, and captures the most intimate moments with them.His photographs are breathtakingly beautiful and unbelievably intimate. He captures the soul of the forest, as he connects with the wild by feeding them. He favours them with a bunch of peanuts, and they allow him to get close and click shots. Well, along with these intimate shots of the forest, this photographer tries to pass on a message to us, by subtly indicating that gaining the animal’s trust, allows us to get closer to them.

And, friends, next time you casually remark you had only spent peanuts on something, beware! Offering peanuts might actually get you things done!!

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Art is everywhere.It inspires everyone.

Nobody creates art. Art is what makes one an artist. It gives rise to, what the world calls an art lover, art enthusiast or sometimes art criminals!

Art inspired us too and it made us what we are today! We are a crazy bunch of art fanatics, devoted to masterpieces and their creators. For the love of creativity and contributing our bit towards the world of art and craft, we present to you “That Semicolon”. A platform to breed artists and spread art. We like to promote, exhibit and share works of art.

Apart from being art-centric maniacs, we are also copywriters and conceptualizers. We are passionate about social media, branding and advertising. We are working towards creating a revolution in the field of art. We publish and advertise and we love what we do! You can join us now, because we have Arrived!