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This happened before you or I were born. Long ago, on the night of April 26,1937, George steer was very busy. He had to turn in his article to hit the papers in the morning. It was about the bombing of Guernica, a city in Spain. As the clock ticked, miles away, a man named Pablo Picasso was restless, and losing sleep. How do they relate, you ask? Well, Little did they know that in time, their works would inspire each other and generations to come.. Picasso, a known painter, was working on a piece, but had lost the drive. As he turned over in his bed losing sleep, time waited.The world awakened to Steer’s story, and so did Pablo. Picasso had finally, found his painting. George Steer  had given him a reason, an idea. This was the genesis of Picasso’s magnum opus..his biggest work so far,or as we call it, his ‘Guernica’.Irony or fate, on may 1st  of 1937, world labour day, Picasso started painting.Hues of rose and blue shrouded by black and grey. Agony of  peasants, the bull and the horse, oppression and rage! Men and Cattle, portrayed equal, their cries mingled to one. Guernica reminds us of consequences. A one of its kind, where an artform was inspired by an art, it cradled ‘Abstractism’. Today, Guernica speaks to the eyes of the beholder,to each a story as unique as their own. It inspires people, and stands as the biggest peace statements so far.  And that my folks, is how two men from different vortexes of the world gave reasons for inspiration to each other…

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With a little bit of paint and paper, dress up your empty walls by turning shoeboxes into decorative shelves. Perfect for lightweight items, get creative and display some of your favorite pieces such as small vases, found objects, trinkets or frames. Use different sized boxes and a variety of colorful paper to create your own one-of-a-kind display, customized for your home. Display a single shelf or cover up an entire wall. The possibilities are endless when you DIY. Plus, you now have an excuse to buy more shoes.


Follow the steps below to make your very own.

Materials: • Shoebox or Photo Box (pick one with thick walls. The thicker it is, the sturdier the shelf will be) • Spray Paint (for the base color of the box. I used gold) • Decorative Paper (for the inside wall of the box) • Scissors • Glue Stick • Screwdriver and 2 Screws

Steps: • Cut your decorative paper to the size of the back wall of the shoebox. We will be attaching it to the inside of the box so make sure it fits perfectly inside. Set aside. • Spray paint the inside and outside walls of the shoebox to cover up any logos it may have. • Once it is completely dry, attach the box to the wall with a screwdriver and nail. For extra sturdiness, screw another nail on the other side. Tip: Hanging the box vertically will be more sturdier and will be less likely to cause a dip on the ledge of the shelf if you display heavier objects. • Apply glue to the back side of your paper and attach it to the inside of the box. By attaching the paper once the box is already hanging on the wall, the screws will remain hidden. • Display your favorite (lightweight) decors and you’re set!



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“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” October 25th is celebrated as the International Artist Day. Don’t you think the sculptor who curated the human design ensured it was impeccable? It’s impossible to disagree! And, the universe is another miraculous piece of art! Not everyone can see and experience it. But, if you can then, you are special! Put your ears to the ground and listen, you can hear the beautiful rhythm of music fill in the air. Art has been live since time unknown! But, our artists are not honoured and respected as much as they deserve. Agree? The idea of Graffiti, and artists such as Banksy and the modern-day Banksy (Guesswho!) emerged exhibiting their art to the world breaking all conventional contingencies that followed traditional rules. And, had put a bar on their freedom of expression, but they broke free to present us with art that we all love and respect. Why not honour them and show them our love for art?  Let us set some time apart to search and explore the unique and most creative artistic pieces of the era and bring them home. Add some self-expression to your life and this International Artist Day let us celebrate all the existing artists and their greatness!

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Ever wondered where the word “coconut” originated from?

A 15th century Spanish ghost-legend used to scare children featured “Coco,” a scary face resembling the hard coconut shell. Humans are always fascinated to see ourselves in Nature; so some of us decided to paint on coconut shells. Thus was born Mascaras de Coco, kept alive even today by Nahuatl artists of the Mezcala region in Mexico. At first, coconut shells are soaked in water, scraped with a knife, then coated with clay and decorated using acrylic paint.

Traditionally, the masks showed painted human faces, the jaguar and devil-faces. But as the local artists sensed the foreign tourists’ interest in their art, they began accepting suggestions. Thus, by incorporating admirers’ feedback, these coconut masks began having animal faces and even sun or moon faces. Along with being a means of livelihood, the masks are a link for the artists to their ancestors and culture.


Man is unique; for he has imagination. It’s the mind’s eye, that portrays his thoughts on the bigger canvas. But, where is the source of this talent? What drives the third eye? Its ‘Inspiration’. Have you been inspired? Have you been enthralled? Have you been driven by something, so much, that you captured those moments of inspiration, to indulge in those moments of experience? Our artist here is inspired. He travels along the Kunlun mountain range, and through the valleys of Leh Ladakh. He is mesmerised, and taken by the sheer beauty of this small state. With the culture and traditions strongly connected to that of Tibet, Leh Ladakh speaks it’s story through the hues of these watercolour illustrations. You find yourself visiting the experience, and your mind travels, from sights, places to people and attires. His paintings speak and your eyes soak in the tales and the legacy of Leh Ladakh. His brush turns bright and soft, leaves it plain and detailed, and you listen to it, as it speaks and tours from different objects of focus, leaving you with a train of thoughts. We experience Leh Ladakh, we accompany him, and his moments of inspiration. fd3ffa17436839562b9e996d7be-574dcb1277f67__605 e89a6817436839562b9fe26fa5b-574dcb0d76768__605 b1125217436839562b9e990156d-574dcdc4ae82d__605 27108117436839562b9f36c9bca-574dcafa1286f__605 7169cb17436839562b9fe2a914c-574dce3b5dfce__605 3187b717436839562b9fe29ae01-574dcaf4929c5__605 97c0b217436839562ba06834265-574dcaf16d59b__605 7bb9a117436839562b9e9934ccb-574dce79ca55f__605 6e6ced17436839562b9f5d3d628-574dcaed3bb1a__605 4fbb7d17436839562b9f36ccd27-574dcae8c60c9__605 1ccdff17436839562b9f512c6a0-574dcae44e6a6__605


A pen fuelled with an idea is a medium of change. It can flow as a poem or grow edgy as a tale. But when in right hands, it has the power to transform. To make history.  The writer here is keen to make a difference. From the round pebbles under the waterfall, to the free yet threatened skies up above. Her reach is wide and thoughts very deep. And you? You think, you go along and you question.

As she goes from raw to smooth, she delivers ideas fresh and tailored. The concepts of truth, fidelity and peace are reminded, then conveyed through simple acts of nature. Little to her words and lots to our minds, her blend of art and nature keeps it raw and very real.





  The Truth  


If you do not have the habit of reading, you probably wouldn’t know that incredible feeling of getting lost in the pages of a good book. The experience of an avid reader upon a good book is far reaching. The ability to create a virtual world based on one’s imagination skills is priceless! Its crazy how one can travel to places no one has ever been to, beyond all boundaries, defining new spaces and beautiful destinations;creating one’s own version of the world. However, the exploration is highly dependent on the kind of book. Cheers to those authors who let us paint a beautiful world out there. written by: Aysha Zehra



“Do you write?” I’ve been asked, innumerable number of times and all I’d say is “I don’t really know”. It’s true, I don’t know because nobody has ever read a piece of my writing. Was I not confident to let anyone read? I guess so, I never had the courage to show my writings to the world. I wrote only to get the burden off of mind. My words were a medium for me to vent out my anger or my rebellious thoughts. Then one day, I happened to read an article that said write for the world because there may be several hundred out there going through the very same phase in life, just like you. Sometimes, it’s good to know you are not alone in the journey. Man up and write for the world.. Just like I did. My first piece of writing…. For people who are reluctant to show to the world their life in words. WRITE.



Art speaks a universal language. It breaks all barriers and touches you in a way like never before. One such form of art that screams out loud without really making a sound, is Graffiti art.

Graffiti’s are generally writings or drawings found on walls and they can range from a few words to elaborate paintings or sketches.This vibrant form of expression is considered illicit in many places as it is used to present views on political and social issues. But we consider it as a form of expression!

The weapons of new age graffiti include spray cans and markers.”New Age” because graffiti is an ancient art form that has evolved and become the colorful impression the aerosol sprays create today.  Surprising isn’t it? Yes. Graffiti has been around since time immemorial.

The first form of modern graffiti can be found in the ancient Greek city called Ephesus (Present day Turkey). The symbolism is that of a heart or a palm, a footprint  and a number. The folklore has it  that these images depict prostitution or a brothel near by. You can find ancient forms of graffiti in the ruins of the ancient roman empire, Saudi Arabia and even Egypt.

These ancient forms of historical depiction carved onto walls and on age old surfaces generally symbolize political inclinations, love declarations, lovers lament and in Pompeii you will be surprised to find latin curses and magic spells too.

Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, has inscriptions and graffitis that date back to the period between the 6th to the 18th century. Yes! That old. If you ever travel to these places, you maybe able to find over 1800 graffiti impressions etched on the walls.

With the dawn rock n roll during the 1960’s, a fan in London took to the walls to spray paint the phrase “Clapton is God” in reference to the guitarist Eric Clapton. This saw the advent of aerosol spray cans! During the late 1970’s, the world saw the rise of hip hop culture. It is said that hip hop culture has had a massive impact on Graffiti works around the world.

Even to this day, these colorful pieces of art has found their space on subways, latrine walls, underside of bridges letting the viewer catch a glimpse of the creator’s mind. You can call them rebels or criminals. But for art lovers they are and will be artists!



Art is everywhere.It inspires everyone.

Nobody creates art. Art is what makes one an artist. It gives rise to, what the world calls an art lover, art enthusiast or sometimes art criminals!

Art inspired us too and it made us what we are today! We are a crazy bunch of art fanatics, devoted to masterpieces and their creators. For the love of creativity and contributing our bit towards the world of art and craft, we present to you “That Semicolon”. A platform to breed artists and spread art. We like to promote, exhibit and share works of art.

Apart from being art-centric maniacs, we are also copywriters and conceptualizers. We are passionate about social media, branding and advertising. We are working towards creating a revolution in the field of art. We publish and advertise and we love what we do! You can join us now, because we have Arrived!