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Guernika, A story in paint

3 years, 1 month ago . . . . . .


This happened before you or I were born.

Long ago, on the night of April 26,1937, George steer was very busy. He had to turn in his article to hit the papers in the morning. It was about the bombing of Guernica, a city in Spain. As the clock ticked, miles away, a man named Pablo Picasso was restless, and losing sleep. How do they relate, you ask? Well, Little did they know that in time, their works would inspire each other and generations to come..

Picasso, a known painter, was working on a piece, but had lost the drive. As he turned over in his bed losing sleep, time waited.The world awakened to Steer’s story, and so did Pablo. Picasso had finally, found his painting. George Steer  had given him a reason, an idea.

This was the genesis of Picasso’s magnum opus..his biggest work so far,or as we call it, his ‘Guernica’.Irony or fate, on may 1st  of 1937, world labour day, Picasso started painting.Hues of rose and blue shrouded by black and grey. Agony of  peasants, the bull and the horse, oppression and rage! Men and Cattle, portrayed equal, their cries mingled to one.

Guernica reminds us of consequences. A one of its kind, where an artform was inspired by an art, it cradled ‘Abstractism’. Today, Guernica speaks to the eyes of the beholder,to each a story as unique as their own. It inspires people, and stands as the biggest peace statements so far.  And that my folks, is how two men from different vortexes of the world gave reasons for inspiration to each other…

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