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Celebrating International Artists day

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” October 25th is celebrated as the International Artist Day. Don’t you think the sculptor who curated the human design ensured it was impeccable? It’s impossible to disagree! And, the universe is another miraculous piece of art! Not everyone can see and experience it. But, if you can then, you are special! Put your ears to the ground and listen, you can hear the beautiful rhythm of music fill in the air. Art has been live since time unknown! But, our artists are not honoured and respected as much as they deserve. Agree? The idea of Graffiti, and artists such as Banksy and the modern-day Banksy (Guesswho!) emerged exhibiting their art to the world breaking all conventional contingencies that followed traditional rules. And, had put a bar on their freedom of expression, but they broke free to present us with art that we all love and respect. Why not honour them and show them our love for art?  Let us set some time apart to search and explore the unique and most creative artistic pieces of the era and bring them home. Add some self-expression to your life and this International Artist Day let us celebrate all the existing artists and their greatness!