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This happened before you or I were born. Long ago, on the night of April 26,1937, George steer was very busy. He had to turn in his article to hit the papers in the morning. It was about the bombing of Guernica, a city in Spain. As the clock ticked, miles away, a man named Pablo Picasso was restless, and losing sleep. How do they relate, you ask? Well, Little did they know that in time, their works would inspire each other and generations to come.. Picasso, a known painter, was working on a piece, but had lost the drive. As he turned over in his bed losing sleep, time waited.The world awakened to Steer’s story, and so did Pablo. Picasso had finally, found his painting. George Steer  had given him a reason, an idea. This was the genesis of Picasso’s magnum opus..his biggest work so far,or as we call it, his ‘Guernica’.Irony or fate, on may 1st  of 1937, world labour day, Picasso started painting.Hues of rose and blue shrouded by black and grey. Agony of  peasants, the bull and the horse, oppression and rage! Men and Cattle, portrayed equal, their cries mingled to one. Guernica reminds us of consequences. A one of its kind, where an artform was inspired by an art, it cradled ‘Abstractism’. Today, Guernica speaks to the eyes of the beholder,to each a story as unique as their own. It inspires people, and stands as the biggest peace statements so far.  And that my folks, is how two men from different vortexes of the world gave reasons for inspiration to each other…

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A click of the shutter is only what pauses the physical ephemeral world around us. To show the world what we just saw, is incredible! Perhaps, a photograph so powerful that it could change the world, make the viewer stop for a while and think; travel back in time to re-live it or push it forward in time to bring a change or just stay still in time to admire it. These 10 photographs simply steal the show.

1. The One when the World became a small place


Starting off with a mere 120 feet coverage, 20 feet off the ground, the Wright brothers changed the course of history with the first ever successful flight in December 1903. As we now live the Wright brothers’ dream, all it takes is a ticket to go out and venture into the world.

Captured by the photographer John Thomas Daniels, this was the only photo that stood out of all the blurry pictures taken because he couldn’t squeeze the bulb that triggered the shutter as he stood there in awe and bewilderment that man has successfully realized how to “fly”!

2. The One that created fear thereafter.

Kent Kobersteen, former Director of Photography of National Geographic "The pictures are by Robert Clark, and were shot from the window of his studio in Brooklyn. Others shot the second plane hitting the tower, but I think there are elements in Clark's photographs that make them special. To me the wider shots not only give context to the tragedy, but also portray the normalcy of the day in every respect except at the Towers. I generally prefer tighter shots, but in this case I think the overall context of Manhattan makes a stronger image. And, the fact that Clark shot the pictures from his studio indicates how the events of 9/11 literally hit home. I find these images very compellingÑin fact, whenever I see them they force me to study them in great detail."

Days after the twin towers were brought down, a cloud of dust silhouetted its powerful presence as a remembrance of September 11, 2001; a day satiated with horrors and heroism. Does it end there? No. Its reactions sprouted gruesome wars in the middle east creating colossal amount of refugees and countries that are now nothing but just rubble stained with blood.

3. The One where it took a Princess to teach us that it’s okay to touch them


It is true that Princess Diana reigned the hearts of multitudes. A rare photograph, yet incredibly touching, of Princess Diana making a courageous move to shake hands with people suffering from AIDS. So powerful was this picture that it changed the concrete mindset of world that considered patients with AIDS, untouchables. Her gesture showed that there should be nothing stopping us from showing love to people who are suffering and are closer to their end.

4. The One With the comical pose of the genius!


Taken in 1951, right after his 72nd birthday party, exhausted Sir Albert Einstein was requested to smile for one last photograph before he called it a night. He stuck his tongue out! An iconic picture of a legendary scientist. His theories are unfathomable and baffles us all still today.

5. The One With our home away from home.


We could get used to seeing the sun rise right out of the window, or climb up altitudes to get the perfect viewpoint of the sun rise or maybe even roll up the shutters while flying to catch a glimpse of the first rays. But how often is it that we get to our earth rise? Clicked by the astronauts of the first manned Apollo mission to the lunar orbit, this picture captures the tranquility of our beautiful planet against the pitch black ocean of the endless space beyond.

6. The One where neither your children nor the sky are the limits!


This working mother decided to “drive” away into the space! Being a role model to many women and mothers, superbly determined Anna Lee Fisher was among the first women astronauts working for NASA in 1978 and then again in 1984, when she boarded on the space shuttle discovery being the first mother in space.

7. The One that showed the ultimate miracle


Lennart Nilsson, photographer who changed the way of looking through the lens. In 1965, using his background as a scientist, he devised the miraculous endoscopes to photograph human blood vessels. Famously captioned as ‘how life begins’, his photograph religiously justifies the marvel of how human life is created.

8. The One when we become ashamed of our race.


Nature’s fury is inevitable. It lashes onto us taking away many. But we start to realise how benign it is, the moment we compare it to the fury of man. Perhaps, his greed? This famous photograph was taken during the ravaging seal hunting season in Canada. Taken just before a baby seal was ruthlessly beaten to its death in the presence of its mother. Killing seals for its fur is still legal in parts of Canada, although after repeated protests, the hunting of baby seals have been forbidden.

9. The One that restores faith.


There is still the shining ray of hope through the cracks of humanity. Care worker Anja Ringgren Loven found a malnourished ,scrawny toddler in the streets of Nigeria, shunned by the neighbourhood and called a ‘witch’. Knowing that the toddler wouldn’t survive another day if left on the streets, Anja rescued him. Following which, he has recovered to a healthy little boy!

10. The One Where we should change our camera because it looks like a gun!


Treated unfairly, their childhood is snatched away. Adi, a traumatized girl living in the rubble of the war torn Syria mistook the long lens of the camera for a gun, raises her hands and is seen as whimpering in the picture. The world has changed. But we are not sure if it is still a better place for everyone alike.


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Do you love photography? Pointless question! All of us alike, capture at least one selfie every day. Smartphones are turning us into Selfie nerds. Let’s not be narcissists and mind you there is life in each shot! Photography is a limited edition art form that has been evolving over the years. It is not just the ready, steady, smile thing that we have, It extends beyond the four walls of the studio. Though, realistic photography has been very much here it is not until recently that we have been exploring it. Thanks to Social Media! The power of photography explored! Do you remember, the photograph of a Syrian girl raising her hands in fear mistaking the camera to be a gun? it created such an impact! The eeriness in her eyes is very much alive in our hearts! Friends, photography is not about chasing the paths of our predecessors, but about exploring new, fresh art that no one ever dared!

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“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” October 25th is celebrated as the International Artist Day. Don’t you think the sculptor who curated the human design ensured it was impeccable? It’s impossible to disagree! And, the universe is another miraculous piece of art! Not everyone can see and experience it. But, if you can then, you are special! Put your ears to the ground and listen, you can hear the beautiful rhythm of music fill in the air. Art has been live since time unknown! But, our artists are not honoured and respected as much as they deserve. Agree? The idea of Graffiti, and artists such as Banksy and the modern-day Banksy (Guesswho!) emerged exhibiting their art to the world breaking all conventional contingencies that followed traditional rules. And, had put a bar on their freedom of expression, but they broke free to present us with art that we all love and respect. Why not honour them and show them our love for art?  Let us set some time apart to search and explore the unique and most creative artistic pieces of the era and bring them home. Add some self-expression to your life and this International Artist Day let us celebrate all the existing artists and their greatness!

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Ever wondered where the word “coconut” originated from?

A 15th century Spanish ghost-legend used to scare children featured “Coco,” a scary face resembling the hard coconut shell. Humans are always fascinated to see ourselves in Nature; so some of us decided to paint on coconut shells. Thus was born Mascaras de Coco, kept alive even today by Nahuatl artists of the Mezcala region in Mexico. At first, coconut shells are soaked in water, scraped with a knife, then coated with clay and decorated using acrylic paint.

Traditionally, the masks showed painted human faces, the jaguar and devil-faces. But as the local artists sensed the foreign tourists’ interest in their art, they began accepting suggestions. Thus, by incorporating admirers’ feedback, these coconut masks began having animal faces and even sun or moon faces. Along with being a means of livelihood, the masks are a link for the artists to their ancestors and culture.


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Adolf Hitler, painting flowers on a canvas? The thought of the dictator, indulging in something so artistic as painting is off the grid for some of us. Well, as mind boggling as the idea may seem, it’s true! Hitler had pursued painting as his livelihood after he dropped out of school in 1905. Then what made him quit that? Well, he always wanted to join a fine arts school, and it was this desire which made him reach vienna,the empire capital. But he failed the examinations twice in a row, and the rest made history.How would the present world be, if he had indeed made it! And guess what? It seems he did have a love interest! In his idle days he used to be obsessed with a girl called Stephanie, and wrote love poems for her. But he never had the nerve to approach her. Hitler was also a deep admirer of beauty and architecture. He would stare at buildings for so long and be mesmerised. Its no wonder that a lot of his paintings portray flowers and buildings. Well folks, this romantic shy and artistic facet of Hitler, do make us believe in one fact for sure, like the old saying goes, clouds do have a silver lining! 6nrsws5 beepwoe df3li3i ffhlghs goq7b92 j1du7va l5zw5hy mptgay2 mw2gpk5 nbfjznc oogtgkz phq4v2v rtdp9nv yg3urrz


Take a second to look at your hands; pretty unique aren’t they? Most distinctly designed. They give us immense strength and also the finest of control. This combination of power and precision has given us the ability to shape the world around us. We take our hands for granted, but if you really think about it, they are truly remarkable. Without them there would be no Michelangelo, no William Shakespeare, and no Beethoven. Without the hands there wouldn’t be a world as we see today.

No other animal has hands like us. Our hands are what we use to mould the world. Everything we achieve, in a practical sense is directed by our brain but achieved with hands. Our hands are a medium of expression. Take an artist for instance, Paintbrushes can fill the canvas with color but they need their fingers to create magic. Their identity is entirely tied up in their hands.

So what makes our hands so unique? Nature’s remarkable engineering which is entirely different from other animals. Our hands are like puppets connected with strings called tendons and controlled by our brain using the forearm muscles. Tendons connect muscles to bones. They are vital in making the hand move.

The crucial ability of the human hand is the opposable thumb. In other words, our thumb can move directly opposite to touch other figures tip to tip, which allow us to grab or hold things. This is something no other animal can perform with such precision, not even our closest animal relatives, Chimps! Chimps have relatively smaller thumbs. Scientists believe that the making and using of stone tools by the early man drove the evolution of more versatile hands. And this allowed our early ancestors to manipulate object in ways in which no other species could. An ability that allowed us to shape and dominate our world.

Our hands are special. There is a huge natural engineering behind our every action and movement of our hands. The sensitivity of our finger tips connects us to the world. Our hands are such a versatile and powerful instrument. From the gentle handshake to the power of a weightlifter, our hands do and perform great deeds. From the disastrous atom bombs to the finest art of Picasso; all hand made! Our hands have reached to the deepest core of earth to the farthest corner of space. Without hands we wouldn’t be who we are!