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‘Adolf Hitler’ A Romantic Painter!

Adolf Hitler, painting flowers on a canvas? The thought of the dictator, indulging in something so artistic as painting is off the grid for some of us. Well, as mind boggling as the idea may seem, it’s true! Hitler had pursued painting as his livelihood after he dropped out of school in 1905. Then what made him quit that? Well, he always wanted to join a fine arts school, and it was this desire which made him reach vienna,the empire capital. But he failed the examinations twice in a row, and the rest made history.How would the present world be, if he had indeed made it! And guess what? It seems he did have a love interest! In his idle days he used to be obsessed with a girl called Stephanie, and wrote love poems for her. But he never had the nerve to approach her. Hitler was also a deep admirer of beauty and architecture. He would stare at buildings for so long and be mesmerised. Its no wonder that a lot of his paintings portray flowers and buildings. Well folks, this romantic shy and artistic facet of Hitler, do make us believe in one fact for sure, like the old saying goes, clouds do have a silver lining! 6nrsws5 beepwoe df3li3i ffhlghs goq7b92 j1du7va l5zw5hy mptgay2 mw2gpk5 nbfjznc oogtgkz phq4v2v rtdp9nv yg3urrz