A Little about Hands

Take a second to look at your hands; pretty unique aren’t they? Most distinctly designed. They give us immense strength and also the finest of control. This combination of power and precision has given us the ability to shape the world around us. We take our hands for granted, but if you really think about it, they are truly remarkable. Without them there would be no Michelangelo, no William Shakespeare, and no Beethoven. Without the hands there wouldn’t be a world as we see today.

No other animal has hands like us. Our hands are what we use to mould the world. Everything we achieve, in a practical sense is directed by our brain but achieved with hands. Our hands are a medium of expression. Take an artist for instance, Paintbrushes can fill the canvas with color but they need their fingers to create magic. Their identity is entirely tied up in their hands.

So what makes our hands so unique? Nature’s remarkable engineering which is entirely different from other animals. Our hands are like puppets connected with strings called tendons and controlled by our brain using the forearm muscles. Tendons connect muscles to bones. They are vital in making the hand move.

The crucial ability of the human hand is the opposable thumb. In other words, our thumb can move directly opposite to touch other figures tip to tip, which allow us to grab or hold things. This is something no other animal can perform with such precision, not even our closest animal relatives, Chimps! Chimps have relatively smaller thumbs. Scientists believe that the making and using of stone tools by the early man drove the evolution of more versatile hands. And this allowed our early ancestors to manipulate object in ways in which no other species could. An ability that allowed us to shape and dominate our world.

Our hands are special. There is a huge natural engineering behind our every action and movement of our hands. The sensitivity of our finger tips connects us to the world. Our hands are such a versatile and powerful instrument. From the gentle handshake to the power of a weightlifter, our hands do and perform great deeds. From the disastrous atom bombs to the finest art of Picasso; all hand made! Our hands have reached to the deepest core of earth to the farthest corner of space. Without hands we wouldn’t be who we are!